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Good Bye …

January 8, 2015

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It all went so wrong … so fast!

A stroke on Christmas Day and he lost his sight … but the saddest part is that he lost his will to live. He refused food, he refused to stand up or to go outside!

Our world shattered in a million of pieces because he was our world.

After 10 years we had to say goodbye to our best friend, sometimes you just have to let go …



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Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

This is the morning face!



It just says “why are you still bothering me !?!”

This is Boris at 6 in the morning after his morning walk in the rain/snow/mud. It is cold and wet – a horrible weather.

Back next to his bed he just falls asleep again, in a second, like nothing happened. We had to change our entire schedule after his surgery because now he needs to go out for a walk 3 times a day, so we all wake up at 5.30. Terrible for such sleepy heads like us – and I mean the three of us πŸ™‚

I have my coffee and sit down next to him for a while … sometimes I just love watching him while he sleeps.

IMG_1623 IMG_1624

And ofcourse … he sleeps next to his toys basket …Β  I drink my morning coffee … it is still dark outside and I can’t stop smiling … I still get to do this … watching him sleep while drinking my coffee πŸ™‚

still a long way to go …

December 1, 2014

3 weeks after the surgery …Β  I am looking at my baby sleeping and snoring as usual. Sometimes I feel like the past weeks did not happen … the worst month of my entire life.

At the same time I found out that my mother has ovarian cancer and my 10 years old rottie, my baby, has a cancerous tumor on his leg. The world just collapsed on me … it did! I felth like I could not breath anymore … but I had to get back on my feet so fast and be strong for them .. there was no time to cry .. to feel down.. and probably this was for the best. If you surrender and dispair .. you loose, and they loose.

Among the tests, doctor check-ups, surgeries, recovery, treatments … I barely had time to analyize what was happening to me, to us …

3 weeks later, my mother is ok, she will have some chemo, but the chances that she is cancer free are great, and Borris is now a three-legged rottie, the sweetest ever, recovering well and making my life great every morning I wake up with his nose in my face.

You should realize how blessed you are before it is too late …

But let’s not be depressed … I am happy and I look outside at the first snow of this year, we are close to Christmas and I realize that I can have great Holidays with the ones I love!!!

It is amazing to see how this little tripawd dog enjoys snow .. he does not care about anything else in the world and he just takes things one at a time .. I should learn from him πŸ™‚



The Chuck Norris of dogs!!!

November 17, 2014

The surgery!

It was the craziest day, gathering the courage to leave home, to enter the doctor’s office, to leave him there after the anesthesia …

I was feeling like the worst person in the world and I cried … we cried like children. Things got a little better after we realized that the surgery went ok.

The doctor was cautious … it will take a while until he wakes up, it is going to be difficult until he stands up, he needs to be convinced to drink water and to eat after waking up from anesthesia, you should be here to encourage him, he had a huge scar with a drain to eliminate the excess blood from the operation … in one word … SCARY

I was looking at him so helpless and my heart broke …

But the next morning … he was up and walking! he was outside the vet’s office in a small garden pissing on every leaf and tree, happy to see me, happy to see people walking near the fence … HAPPY

He almost took off my fingers when I gave him some chicken bites! He was back!!!

My baby just proved me once again we took the best decision! He is a fighter … the Chuck Norris of dogs!

“Chuck Norris doesn’t cheat death. He wins fair and square.” and this is what Boris did!

He is now running, playing, running around with a big rock in his mouth, sleeping with his but on the bed and his head on the floor, using his dad’s boot for a pillow and, the most important thing, being part of our life … and all these in a week from his surgery.

What else can I say guys … thank you for all your encouragements, advice and for welcoming us in the tripawds family πŸ™‚

By the way … we just went shopping for a winter jacket … trendy isn’t it?

IMG-20141112-WA001 IMG-20141112-WA004 IMG-20141113-WA001 IMG-20141117-WA001 IMG-20141117-WA002

3 days to go

November 7, 2014

Operation is scheduled in 3 days. I have mixed feelings about it … but then I look to my left and I see a big nose and two eyes watching me carefully. Eye contact! Now I’m lost! The cuddling and cuteness goes on until his head is on my laptop and there is nothing I can do about it!

I look at him after 10 years and see the same little bear who was holding on to my T-shirt at our first meeting.

Talk about love at first sight!

boris mic

The first shock

November 4, 2014

Cancer! This is the word we all dread. It sounds so definitive and it makes you feel so hopeless. We just learned that Boris has cancer! I could not believe it, then I refused to believe and continued to go to different doctors with him. And now I have accepted it. ”The leg has got to go!” his words ripped part of my soul and I barely managed to hold my tears inside … but I know that the doctor has good intentions. If I can give him some more years of quality life, then I have done my best.
Boris is my baby and my best friend, my 10 years old Rottie, who woke up one morning with a small lump on his leg, and in 2 weeks the lump was bigger and he could not stand on that leg anymore.